Bumbo International of South Africa is recalling 5 million units of baby seats (4 million in the U.S. and 1 million in Canada) after receiving multiple reports of accidents caused by the baby seat’s defective design. Constructed from a single piece of molded foam, the seat features no safety harness that can prevent fall accidents. According to reports, the seat poses a safety risk, as young children have been known to wriggle out of the seat and fall even while under supervision. If your child has suffered a serious injury while seated on the Bumbo Seat, you may be eligible to file a product liability claim. To determine your rights, contact a professional product liability lawyer for more information regarding your potential case.


Bumbo Seat Design

Unlike most baby seats, the Bumbo Seat features no harness that can securely fasten the child to the seat; children escaping the seat and sustaining falls were the cause for a significant proportion of the injuries linked to the Bumbo Seat. The inherently dangerous design of the Bumbo Seat has caused the firm to revise their products to include a seat belt. Consumers who have purchased a Bumbo Seat prior to the recall can receive a free repair kit that includes a seat restraint, updated warning labels, and installation instructions through the manufacturer. For more information on where to obtain a free repair kit, please visit the CPSC website.


2007 & 2012 Bumbo Seat Recalls

In 2007, the Bumbo Seat was first recalled after the firm received 28 reports of young children falling out of the Bumbo Seat. The recall warned consumers not to place the Bumbo Seat on elevated surfaces, and to only use the Bumbo Seat at ground level with proper supervision. But when reports of children escaping the Bumbo Seat and sustaining injuries continued, Bumbo International issued a second recall on August 15, 2012, instructing consumers not to use the baby seat until a restraint belt has been installed.


Bumbo Seat: Fall Hazard

Babies and falls are a dangerous combination, especially given that a short tumble can cause severe trauma to a baby’s developing body. The CPSC and Bumbo International have received at least fifty reports of injuries, at least nineteen of which involved skull fractures. Other types of injuries that may be sustained in baby fall accidents include:

  • Concussion
  • Contusions
  • Broken bones
  • Green stick fractures
  • Bleeding
  • Internal injuries
  • Facial cuts
  • Emotional trauma


Product Liability Claims

Manufacturers and retailers are in a better position to foresee possible defects and dangers related to a product. When a firm markets and sells a defective device to consumers that causes serious injuries, the company may be held liable for the damages related to the defective product. Particularly in cases involving high damages, it is crucial to consult a professional product liability lawyer and secure the maximum compensation possible. Because many of Bumbo Seat accidents involve head injuries to young children, having proper legal representation is critical to protecting the child’s future well being.


Contact a Product Liability Lawyer

Since the recall, more than a dozen families have filed lawsuits seeking damages from manufacturer as well as retailers who failed to respond appropriately to the reports of injuries. If your child has also been injured as a result of the defective Bumbo Baby Seat, entrusting your case to an experienced attorney can ensure negligent product manufacturers are held accountable for their actions. For more information regarding on-going Bumbo Seat lawsuits or to determine your rights to file a claim, consult a Bumbo Seat injury attorney today.

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